First Three Posts

Achille kindly requested that I reflect on the my first three blog posts. It's an original idea, one that promises to be painful since my blog was originally intended to private, shared only among family and friends. I figure no one would ever bother to land here unless they were friends so I never bothered to give it a restricted access.
Accordingly, the posts were shamefully self-centered but one lives and learns, hey ? ( Plus, a blogger should live by the "no deleting posts allowed" rule :) ).
So here goes:

first post: Dec 21st 2005. Your usual run-of-the-mill "hello world" post: I clearly could not decide in what language to write ( title of the post is 3 different languages) and it's nice to see that after 4 years, I still have not fully resolved that issue. Blogging has changed a lot since then though.

second post: "musings about life in Lafayette, IN"
Clearly the public discourse back then was centered around the War in Iraq and the reelection of GWB. I am a bit surprised that I would write about that issue on my second post. The blog was clearly an outlet for being increasingly frustrated with the direction that the US was taking. Still, giving GW policy suggestions in the second post, really ?
I have not heard of Obama yet but I know I was yearning for someone like him. No wonder I did not hesitate to canvass for him 3 years later. I was receiving tons of emails from family and friends asking what the heck are the US doing in Iraq ( no facebook for me back then yet).
I kind like the Happy Birthday Jesus line at the end ( it was Xmas time). Not liking the flurry of grammar mistakes though ( still happening today too).

Third post: "Rakotomalala"
A post to make fun of the fact that the Rakotomalala is the Malagasy equivalent of the Smith. On top of that, I have a gazillion cousins that I love to death ( yep, all gazillion of them) so your odds to meeting a Rakotomalala when in Madagascar are better than you think. I cannot believe I actually recommended that book in the post. The lesson here: don't ever follow my book recommendations, I suck. I probably never finished the darned book.

Now it is time for me to pass on the baton to three other bloggers. Luckily, there is also this Malagasy blogging contest that is coming to an end soon. So here is an excuse for three Malagasy bloggers to reflect on their early blogging days. Ariniaina, Patrick and Tahina, would tell us about your first three blog posts please?


  1. Lova, seems like the link to your third post points to your second one :)

  2. Thanks, Tahina. Got my URLs all confused :). Cheers, L.