Must Watch: #Madagascar Constitution Explained through Cartoons on BBC

[Update: Complete version can be found here Thanks to Citoyenne Malgache for the tip]

This is an absolutely fascinating project that I just found out about thanks to Christina Corbett and the BBC World Service.

Its goal is to explain the Malagasy Constitution to the general population through cartoons. Needless, this educative effort is oh-so-important if we hope to prevent another disaster in the years to come.

The audio contains the names of all the incredible young people involved in this project, why they are doing it and how it fits the current context as the constitution is yet again about to be modified to benefit those in power.

I cannot say enough about how wonderful Cristina and the BBC have been to expose the effort of the Malagasy Citizens in this time of crisis. They understand more than any other mainstream news media dealing with Madagascar that the division between traditional media and citizen media is irrelevant when it comes to illustrating events in resource-limited settings.

This article highlighting the effort of bloggers in Madagascar is another example of such vision.

Big Kudos to the Malagasies who started this project. You can hear in their voices the quiet reserve but strong determination to do something positive in spite of it all. Those guys are the proverbial hope at the end of the tunnel for us.

In related news, Bloggers are holding a meeting this week-end to discuss the ongoing Malagasy blogging contest. They will meet at Cafe de la Gare on Sunday from 3 to 6 pm ( facebook event link) and will share the proceeding of the meeting live online here.
Please vote for your favorite blog or if you don't have a favorite one, just drop a line on the wall to encourage them.

Eid Mubarak and Happy Black Friday to all.


  1. Lova,

    La Constitution en bandes dessinées a été produite par la Fondation Friedrich Ebert et tu peux trouver la version complète en français et en malgache sur les liens suivants :


  2. Merci enormement Citoyenne !!

    Un grand bravo a tous ceux qui y ont contribue.