Open Letter to Andry Rajoelina (translation) #Madagascar

Mr President of the Transition,

We understand that the current situation is not easy to deal with. We also understand that, despite the hard-earned title of President you obtained at the Addis Ababa meeting, a solution to the present dire circumstances in Madagascar is not solely dependent on your will. But our tolerance stops here.

The country has now been marred in a deep crisis for alomst a year. The sacrifices requested of the Malagasy citizens grow larger every day.

It was agreed upon during the Addis Ababa meeting that a government of unity would carry out the transition towards elections. We are still waiting for that government to come to fruition. The negotiations are clearly very strenuous. We would not have expected any less from politicians trying to hold on/gain seats. We are only human after all.

But that is not the object of this letter. What is unacceptable is that while you all are trying to share the pie that is the government, thousands of jobs will vanish into thin air ( on top of the thousands already lost) because we could not agree upon who will take care of this issue

Mr Rajoelina, you were apparently in the Northen part of the island, Nosy-Be, while the negotations were taking place. We understand it is never too early to start a presidential campaign event hough you are constitutionally unqualified to run ( age limit). It is a high time you start to care for the vahoaka ( people) you called upon so often during your coup and whom you said you spoke on behalf of. The southern region where these women are employed( by the AGOA treaty) was not a good enough destination to visit ?

Was it the growing famine or the ecological disaster that scared you away ? Or maybe you were afraid to come face to face with your former partner, Monja Roindefo, whom you have now let go for your own political ambition ?

It seems you were able to find a job for your father though, with a Honk Kong based oil company SUNPEC. I am sure he is very qualified in the matter of oil extraction just like Jean Sarkozy was to run EPAD. However, these thousands of women in the South already proved that they were qualified at their jobs, don’t they deserve to keep their jobs ?

Enough is enough.

Show some abnegation and fight for the jobs of these women with the USTR. No one in the world has a lwer opinion of you than I do right now and yet I am still convinced that even you can convince the AGOA decision makers that it is a bad a idea to withdraw their support. They are thinking about it because they don’t trust you and quite frankly, most malagasy don’t either. You have yet to show that you deserve the benefit of the doubt: You organized a coup, you bragged publicly about having the support of foreign power to depose a government, you assigned SAGEM, a pawn in the Francafrique network to monitor the futur elections, you promoted Cdt Charles as the chief of security, even letting him give legal lessons in press conference when he was notorious for jailing and torturing Malagasy citizens.

After all, it is because you, Mr Rajoelina, took power unconstitutionally that these women are on the verge of losing their jobs. Trust is a very fragile thing, still I think you can still make amend and do the right thing. You can save these women’s jobs by going to the USTR. They at least had the decency to respond to question from the American tax payers about their decision with respect to AGOA in Madagascar. Now it is your turn to show you are also capable of transparency, if not for your father new position, at least for your effort ( or lack there of) to save these women.

There was a time when I was in awe of your talents as an MC in Malagasy parties. I was even intrigued when you decided to engage into politics. That time is over now. I have nothing but contempt for your ability as a statesman. A gesture for the women of the AGOA would go a long way to prove me wrong.




  1. Anonymous4:24 AM

    Bravo Lova. C'est reconfortant de lire des avis de jeune que je qualifie de vrai patriote. Sauvons les jeunes qui sont les appâts des politiciens véreux.

  2. I 100% agree with you. It is obvious that if we all die in a deep and never ending social and economic crisis, it's gonna be Andry Rajoelina's fault!

  3. Anonymous9:17 PM

    I really appreciate your courage in this crises time. Hope your words will be followed.
    Thanks for spreading the word

    Keep it up...

  4. at a time where financial crisis is impacting women's lives more that ever and that African Ministers pledge for a greater support to women economic empowerment at the last conference of the 15th anniversary of Beinjing Plateform of Action,Banjul,it's high time for Madagascar and its President to commit and keep his promise to regain respect and hopefully votes from women if he wants to gain the much needed votes!!
    As a patriot Madagascar's destruction must stop NOW.enough is enough !

  5. Loulou8:59 AM

    Hi Lova,

    Respectfully, huh? a bit confusing.
    Well, that's not really what I want to comment about.

    I do understand your anger and your frustration. I just can't figure out the purpose of this open letter. It's very daring and Rakotomalalish I guess but I don't think this can be efficient at all. It will have the opposite effect.

    By following the course of events, one can easily understand what the guy is after (fame, position, recognition, power ...)and what his weaknesses are (remember what triggered the all thing).

    Insulting the guy publicly is the wrong move! That's really pressing the wrong button!
    Gosh!!!!!!!!! How on earth can you expect Andry to do something for those women by saying that you have a low opinion of him and on top of that by giving him an "order".
    The guy is sensitive and insecure. Touching his pride just brings out the Hulk inside him. And that's not good at all!

    You want Andry to think of those women ... , right ? No matter what your feelings are, you should have said : " Mr President, other politicians tend to forget about those women. You will really score with the Vahoaka if you save those poor women buy doing this or that. You might lose a chair or 2 but ultimately you'll get the respect of the vahoaka .... You are the one who can do that. I believe you can, can't you ? Don't prove me wrong. Don't disappoint your pool of supporter. You need some facts to support your love of the vahoaka. You've got a chance to prove them all that you are the president and that you can do it"
    This might sound very coward and boots licking BUT that's efficient. A bit of psychology is important sometimes. Never heard about Le corbeau et le renard ?

    Hope this comment didn't offend you. I really hate hurting but I just thought this might help you for your next open letter to anyone.


  6. Hi Loulou, (I (heart) the username)

    Thank you for the constructive comment. You are absolutely right, the letter was snarkier than it needed to be.
    In truth, I have very little hope that Mr PT will do anything about it. The open letter was really address as raising awareness among citizens and others that this is what is going on as we speak in the country. I would have had incentive to frame the letter that way if I had evidence that this method worked. I tried before if you read my previous post. I suggested a few measures in a measured tone to him. The outcome of it was fro him to go ahead and demand even more power after the meeting with IC. So I am trying a different approach. It will be unsuccessful because the only voices he listens to come from higher up of the Francafrique network. That is fine. From the number of hits on this article folks are at the very least aware of the stakes now. This is important because they may not be willing to protests again (who wants that) but they are "Mailo". That is the purpose of the letter. In a few months, you guys will be asked to vote for a real president. Know what you are voting for and more importantly be aware that a hijacking of this nation of yours is still underway. It is your choice to let it happen or make sure that fair elections will be implemented. I wish with all my heart that the US reverse the decision on AGOA. I wrote so myself to the USTR ( and you should as well, it's more effective that pleading Rajoelina who is too proud to care) But I also would like them to help insure that the elections not go the way of Gabon or Mauritania. If we don't learn our lessons from other nation's experiences, then we would deserve the calamities that came (and are coming) our way. I appreciate you giving me a chance to explain the reason for this letter.
    BTW, I am sure we have met but the handle is a bit cryptic (it's certainly on purpose :)) but it is a pleasure to converse.

  7. Loulou10:29 AM

    Hi again!

    Thanks for commenting back. Now I get it.

    I've read your previous posts and I found them informative, moderate and unbiased (especially those about Daewoo). I've sent you messages to tell you that I did appreciate the contents and the style of your posts. That's exactly why, I was taken aback by your open letter. It was less moderate, to say the least :-)
    Violent words somehow lead to violent behavior and then things spiral out of control. If it's done publicly, it's a bit tricky to back off. Mifanafotohana sy mifandrangitra eo dia avy eo samy gaga.

    I know Andry isn't that much in control. Reading about Francafrique makes you realize it and it's very depressing when you start to understand that the script is already written for M/car. (Is that what you understand too ?)
    Although this is an hopeless situation, I like to think that there is a tiny bit of hope ...

    Lastly. It's intruiguing! What makes you think we've met ? If it's the username, I've picked it up randomly. The way I'm writing totally lacks of personality ... so, where does this "I'm sure we have met" come from ?

    Anyway, keep raising awareness among citizens, with enthusiasm and moderation. You seems to be very good at it :-)

  8. Re: "What makes you think we've met ? If it's the username, I've picked it up randomly. The way I'm writing totally lacks of personality ..."

    Oopsy, I thought the "Rakotomalalish" comment suggested that you knew me or members of my family :), that's all.



  9. from my recent (last week) discussion with authoritative voices,US decision on Agoa is not sealed ..a bit of hope for our nation if good will people want really to pledge for Madagascar revival

  10. Loulou4:21 PM

    Hi Lova,

    I just read the latest news. What a bloody mess!
    I thought we've reached rock bottom regarding unconsciousness, mediocrity ... and how can anyone be so self-centered and arrogant and ... arrrrrg! I can't believe this!
    I do bottle up a lot ..... I guess I'm gonna implode if this keeps on going any longer.

    Looking forward to your next post or, why not, your next open letter.

    ta-ta for now
    Loulou or whatever

  11. Hey Loulou/tata

    Yes it is a mindless crisis that brought out the worst of our so-called politicians but the best of our compatriots at home (in my opinion, such resilience in dire circumstances is remarkable).

    I don't have any more thoughts or posts on this issue.
    Rajoelina is clearly set on holding on to a seat he has not earned the proper way. Those circumstances will come back to haunt him either way. I think he is beyond repair so I won't waste anymore time writing to him. I just hope that somehow it won't degenerate for the worst, that's all we have left now.

  12. Loulou4:48 PM

    "ta-ta for now" = "bye for now" :-)