Intriguing (and intrigued) visitor

Isn't that quite a sight ? :D
You would think that the CIA would have upgraded to IE 7.0 (or even firefox 2.0) :D by now and find a way to block sitemeter from detecting their server.....
Anyway, my honorable visitor spent 25 minutes here and read 11 pages, I am flattered and also a bit scared :) ( But as they say back home, "Lama fotsiny ela ry zandry!"
My curious reader landed first on this humorous post about our honorable president Ra8 and president Bush's attempt at pronouncing his name.
I hope he liked the idea of Ravalo-man as our Malgasy version of a comic book superhero :D ( I kid, I kid ) and that he did not think too much of the Iranian president photo on the previous post :D.
It reminds me that it is never a good idea to blog while drinking.
Kids, don't blog and drink !


  1. Anonymous9:42 PM

    Remember this blogger ?

  2. Boy, that's sombering...
    I am glad they did not ask any questions at the border in Winsdor...

  3. you ARE THE celeb...
    I 'm getting hacked and you are spyed at....this world is unfair....
    why o why??
    what did you drink again? and you didn't even shared...so much for the GSC....

  4. >Kids, don't blog and drink !

    Is that the e-version of please turn seven times your tongue before speaking ;)

  5. Wahooo!!!
    Maybe the visitor dude also says THE Madagascar... ;)

  6. @Jo,
    That post was almost a year ago so I would say it was sake (or just the fumes)
    It very well could be :). I just had a flash back of that "love actually" line when I wrote that: "Kids, don't buy drugs. Become a rock star instead, you'll get them for free"
    Now you've angered "visitor dude" and he will be looking for alter-ego productions on Amrita's musings :D. Let's send him a virtual king fisher as a token of our good will :).

  7. Anonymous8:40 AM

    Lova, LOL
    I would be afraid to see that if I was you :)))
    Now you know you're filed !

    This is always a pleasure to stop by around here.

  8. Hi Lilia,
    Quite a kick isn't it ? :)
    A bit worried but by now they probably figure I am just a harmless clown :)...hopefully.
    Thank you for stopping by and wish you lots of happiness in your enthralling journey ;)