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As you may know, the Malagasy blogosphere has been experiencing an undeniable boom lately. People are more and more willing to share their stories and give their opinions on all kind of matters. Above is a Google Map of where one could find the location of Malagasy bloggers at this time.

This map is a draft and it is obviously incomplete. I would warmly welcome some input and critiques about missed websites and ways to improve the map.
A few notes about the map:
1) It does not give a quantifiable evaluation of the number of blogs out there. If the blogs are within the same general area, they would all looped in one tag.
2) Not all blogs are willing to disclose their locations, evidently.

I compiled the map using 3 methods:
1) information provided by the bloggers on their sites.
2) location by referred link on google analytics.
3) website locations as provided on facebook.

The idea for this map came while looking at this collage at the purplecorner and when someone recently asked me how have I heard of people located 1,000 miles away from me. it also made sense because The nominated blogs for the best of Malagasy Blogs awards are pouring in and I realize that a strong minority of them are not located in Madagascar.
Which brings me to a small request: if you are submitting your blog or someone else's blog for a BOMBS award, it would be very nice if you could provide the location of the blog in the comment section. Only if you want to of course....

A nice addition to this map would be to have an idea of the size of the Malagasy communities that each blog might cover ( especially for the rural areas and blog from overseas).
For example, I know that there are 2 bloggers from Madagascar in Indiana and I think there is a grand total of 5 Malagasy people in the state. Compare that to the Ile-de-France region that I would guess have 10,000 Malagasy people and that is covered by at least 13 bloggers I know of.
If you have critique or input on this map ( obvious misses or false locations) let me know in the comment section or send me an email and I will send you the map's API for editing purposes.


  1. hey you must put this blog on the man p (its my cousin from yemen,...he's so bright...loooool)

    its funny cuz vola had the same idea ! You guyz are def cousin...

    and everybody love his cousin!!


    ps ;have you noticed everyone is the cousin of someone in Madagascar....

  2. http://landofdust.wordpress.com/


  3. @Jo,

    Done :) and thank you for the link. a Malagasy blog in the land of dust with an out-of-the-box take: definitely my cup of tea :).
    I will apologize to Vola for stealing her idea :D. Maybe we are not cousins but telepathic secret twins.

  4. Well I guess we're a brilliant family, that's all ;) and so humble ;)

  5. Ah cousine :D,

    1,000 apologies for the thievery :).
    We DO have a brilliant family. But both humility and brilliance skipped our generation ;). Very skippy genes , those 2.

  6. Tratry ny Krismasy sambatra ;) Dia manaova taom-baovao finaritra.

  7. http://www.purplecorner.com/?p=29
    sorry they made me to