On World Press Freedom Day: Support Razily and free speech in #Madagascar

This is Razily:

Razily marched on towards soldiers during a rally protesting military actions in Madagascar. He marched alone, knowing that marching on would put him in harm's way.
It's been more than a month since his arrest and although mentioned, no trial date nad been set yet. It is unclear whether Razily is still alive today.

Razily is not a member of the press, nor is he an online media user.
He was a street vendor, but he stood for his right to express himself, amidst increasing censorship in his country.

Please support the release of a trial date for Razily by signing this petition.

The support so far looks very promising but the petition needs more signatures to demand accountability from the leaders of the armed forces.

There are more people not accounted for in Madagascar right now.

For more details, please read Ethan Zuckerman's article on Razily.

As an early birthday gift for me ;) , please send Razily your thoughts and consider letting your friends and relatives know about his courageous stand by adding the banner below:

Where is Razily?

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