update on the poll and Follow-up on the malagasy abroad thread

23 people have weighed in on the subject of the "War in Iraq" so far. In general, the subject is not too personal for visitors of this blog which is why it was an interesting question to ask this panel. There was no emotional investment on the issue except for the universal compassion for the lives lost on both sides. I was bit surprised by the overall result: a fair majority 40% thought that it should not have taken place in the first place. However, 20% either thought that it was necessary or that the war cannot be stopped yet. Interesting, :) I am always giddy for difference of opinions colliding in unsuspected places. I also wanted to reassure my mother who urged me to stop writing about this for fear of retaliation by the gvt. It was a very cute message, written in malagasy which is not common for us but only utilized to emphasize a point. I don't think she needs to worry about the gvt reading this because 10 of thousands of other bloggers are way more opiniated and vicious than I am. Furthermore, I will keep writing about any subject because I want to drive a small but important point: this is one of the perk of living on these days and time, the absolute freedom to express our opinions, beliefs or passions without looking over our shoulders. The readers have the freedom to look away if the content is not to their liking. The day we censure ourselves because of fear from "big brother" is time we would have given up on a small but substantial part of our quality of life. So No Worry, mate as they say "down under".
I also wanted to give you a follow-up on a subject that is very dear to the malagasy community abroad: "life away from home: is it worth it ?" I wrote in French about it as a lot of other fellow bloggers did. However, Tattum just collected real life testimonies of a few of us ( back home and abroad ) and the final tally is quite interesting in its diversity. Check it out here and leave your own opinion or experience. Kudos to her for putting it all together !
A final word for you " sopranos" fans, can someone explain to me what is going on with Tony ? Is the timeline shifted or are we seeing one of his dreams while fighting for his life ? Thanks for helping a novice.

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  1. Lova, keep on doing this way and you blog will be soon censured for sure!! Just kidding, but I got your mom's point on that one! I refrain myself from talking about touchy topics like politics... but I love debatting about faith and sacred scriptures though, which isn't less threatening for my blog's survival, LOL
    Thanks for your visit and the striking comment left on my blog. ;-)