The blogday 2006 "read this" edition:

Here are my 5 humble suggestions for today:

Dakarzanzibar: Cecile is a very good friend from my New-Orleans days. She and Arnault went to Madagascar earlier this year and are now attempting to cross the African continent by bike from west to east. They took off from Dakar and are now in Gambie. Great people and even greater idea.

The rootless Cosmopolitan: Tony Karon is a senior editor for the Time Magazine. His background and career is as fascinating as his refreshing perpective on global issue. He wrote for the Israeli journal Haaretz and was an activist for ANC until Mandela was released. More importantly, he can address with great expertise and intelligence topics from the Middle East conflict to Madonna and Kaballah via Chelsea football club. I mean, if you know me at all, that is as close to a must read as it gets.

The superficial: If you hate gossip, celebrities and total b*chiness, don't even get close to it. I find it to be an absolutely delightful end of week reading because of its total nonsense humour, sarcasm and comment section. Guilty pleasure indeed.

Russel Peters: Funniest man on the web right now. Russel is the ultimate citizen of the world. He can and will make fun of everyone and every culture and you will love him for it. I hope one day he will include Malagasy people in his routine. People from all backgound here were drawn to tears of joy by his acts.

Amzack: I admit I am a bit of a homer here but why not eh ? Anytime someone can dig out video clip of Mahaleo ( greatest malagasy band ever) from 25 years back and follow-up with clips of funny malagasy comedians, he gets an automatic mention. It's the rule of dwarf hippo blog and I cannot do anything about it :).

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PS: I am almost around my 2nd report on the Montreal W-E....Why is work so time consuming ? :)


  1. Happy BlogDay!
    Merci pour la présence de mon lien sur ton blogday! Je suis touché par ton clin d'oeil!
    Sympa de nous faire découvrir ces blogs anglophones.
    A ton prochain passage à Marseille, je t'offre une cagole.

  2. Salut harinjaka,
    Je suis partant pour la cagole ! Attention, le passage a Marseille pourrait arriver plus vite que tu ne crois :).

  3. Anonymous4:08 AM

    slt c mumu! g regardé un reportage sur l'esclavage avant hier 12 mai et g été très en colère de voir l'ingratitude de la France à l'égard de ts ceux ki l'ont servi ou ki st morts pr eux,Randiana une fois de plus tu définis bien et avec des mots justes cette douleur traversée par nos pairs bisous