Geaux New-Orleans Saints !

Sporting Events are often overhyped in the US. For the sake of TV ratings, games are too man times labeled as must-see TV. Yesterday was not one of those overhyped events. Yesterday's football game marked the return of Football in New-Orleans in the SuperDome. The Superdome, symbol of the Big Easy, was the scene of traumatic scenes for Hurricanes Katrina victims. For anyone who ever spent time in New-Orleans and learned to love the city, the anger and the sadness for the victims plight and for the lack of judgment by the officials in charge are still present. So "when the New-Orleans Saints went marching in" in the Superdome, one could sense that there was a strong possibility that New-Orleans would survive beside the fact that FEMA, the state of Louisiana and the US government left the city for dead for days, prompting Kanye West to say the words: "George Bush don't care about black people". Even now, desolation is still looming in the 9th Ward and part of Metairie and the remaining task of rebuilding is still enormous.
However, on Monday Night, Green Day and U2 celebrated the rebirth of N-O with "when september ends", "House of the rising sun" and "Beautiful Day". Then Jazz took over(and why not) with Irma Thomas and Allen Toussaint giving the best rendition of the national anthem. And as I am writting this, Saints are winning 14-3 led by Drew Brees ( Purdue's pride). What am I thinking ? Tonight, they already won.
Here are 2 clips of the evening: Green day and U2 1st then "Amazing grace" and " When the saints go marching in" by the people of N-O, Irma Thomas and Allen Toussaint. No sightings of G.H Bush Sr. who had no business being there after the unacceptable words of Mrs. Barbara Bush on the refugees in Houston.


  1. Actually, I love the song "when September ends". It resonates with a special meaning there.
    Thanks for sharing this post, Lova.

  2. Hello Vola,
    I too loved this song immensely. And that was before I saw this video. Quite telling about the band's take on the war in Iraq ;). And the boy in the video is no other than "Billy Elliot", one of my favorite movie of all time :).

  3. Anonymous6:54 PM

    Chris Rose wrote a great piece about this in the N.O. Times-Picayune. His columns about post-K life are amazing.

    -New Orleans

  4. Anonymous6:56 PM

    forgot the Chris Rose link:

  5. Anonymous10:49 PM

    Hey EJ,
    Thanks for the link to Chris Rose and your post on the spirit of N-O. You are back in a city that is truly unique in the American landscape and that I truly miss. Take care

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    Si tu veux savoir comment le faire, Vola qui a un blog sous blogger devrait pour t'aider :PPP
    Je ferais une autre tentative demain :S

  7. Hello Lilia,

    je crois que HJK m'avait demande la meme chose il y a 2 mois et je lui ai donne ceci: http://rakotomalala.blogspot.com/atom.xml"
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