Turandot's opening night at the Lyric Opera of Chicago

Somehow Randiana managed to get tickets for the opening night of Opera season at the Lyric Opera of Chicago. The gotha of Chicago came out to see Andrea Gruber (as Turandot) and Jonah Botha (as Calaf) perform Puccini's masterpiece. I told my dad on the phone before the show that I am still more likely to attend a Bulls-Pacers game or a OM-PSG match ;). Still, at the end of the show, I felt like Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman": so mesmerized that I almost "peed in my pants" (which was conveniently translated as: "I like it more than Pirates of Penzance" by R. Gere). Here is my funny story on that evening before Randiana goes in more details aboutt he whole show:
As the red carpet comes up: The conductor (Belletoni) and the musicians stood up and then played the "star spangled banner" ! Without missing a beat, EVERYONE (except us) sang along proudly and the whole opera resonnated to the sound of the "Home of the Braves". I have not been to the Opera in Paris but I strongly doubt that they play "La Marseillaise" at the Opera Garnier. I obviously expect it in a football game but I thought that an Opera crowd would not feel the urge to for a patriotic show of heart. A lady in her 60's was standing next to us and was singing a falsetto version of the anthem that was so good (Whitney Houston's version was not even close) that we almost forgot the awkawrdness of the situation. So there we stood, both shocked (by the whole national anthem thing) and with goosebumps because the lady's chant was so poignant and chill inducing. The evening was surely off to a great start. ;)
Here is a video clip of that night that was very much "Nessum Dorma" (no one shall sleep).
PS: The music on the clip is La Mamma Morta and not Nessum Dorma. I don't have Turandot's music yet but the 3 chinese ministers Ping, Pang and Pong's (sic) performance convinced me to purchase the soundtrack.


  1. Hi Lova,
    Although I love Maria Callas, I don't understand quite anything about Opera !! (Shame on me)
    I look forward to hearing Turandot from you then :-))

  2. hello Lilia,

    I too am novice at the whole opera thing :). It really blew my mind away but I am not sure I can put in words how it got to me.

  3. here's a vote against the orange background...

    how did your sister hook up tickets to the opera? that's amazing! in Indian theatres they play the national anthem before a movie. A fellow blogger got kicked out of a movie for refusing to stand during the national anthem due to his principles that he shouldn't be forced to stand, he was there to enjoy himself. There was also some controversy when a movie had a kid singing the national anthem who messed it up... for whatever reason countries are pretty weird about their anthems.

  4. Aaargh, Mosaliger is right : Lova I hate your orange background :P

  5. >Mosi and Lilia
    ooops :) kind of tacky heh ? :)
    How about now ?
    Mosi, I think that here in the US, it is probably a post 9-11 thing. I did not know that it was the case for movies in India. I will stand and remove my hat next time we go watch a bollywood movie together :) !

  6. hey this background is much better... i didn't hate your old one, just looked kinda like the orange revolution of ukraine going on. i thought they always had the national anthem at sporting events here... you can definitely stand but there won't be a national anthem... which reminds me that we still have to watch sholay.

  7. hey Mosi,
    yep, pretty much any kind of sporting events here, even little league. But that's fine for sports, now opera...
    I am in for Sholay !
    Orange is the Ivorian revolution ;) not Ukraine :)