Things to smile about on Monday

It's been an eventful week-end ( for once) here in Lafayette, IN. It's the moving season again so people here are fighting over empty boxes and renting U-Hauls. I am not one of the strongest guys you will meet ( understatement of th day) so I figure that I would be the last one to be picked when someone needs a hand with moving furnitures. Still, somehow I am always involved in a moving project just like this week-end. [ The lesson: Do not underestimate the value of cheap unskilled labor ( I will get back to that topic later)] .

The real event happened on the WWW this week-end. Over at the purplecorner.com, a few Malagasophiles got together to help raise fund for a sweet cause: SOS Childrens Villages. The idea= a blog-a-thon:
1 post every 30 min, 24h non-stop to increase awareness and get people involved. Some stayed up the full 24h (or more ) to make sure that any willing donors would find a virtual soul mate at the time of donation. I mean, you would be hard press to find a stronger commitment than that. Those caffeine shots must have come in handy. You can still donate if you think it is a cause worth your support. Many people contributed so drop by and give them a hug (facebook-style ) if you have time.

There were more reasons to be smiling this week-end though:
1) Vola reminds us of a song (there comes a time..) that does not get old although the cynics would like to think so.
2) China has decided to create its own path with dealing with Africa. Madagascar rips the early benefits . If you needed more reasons to learn Chinese, know that China does not consider the money invested as aid, this is all business. It's a ( say it with me) WIN-WIN situation. Right, Hjk ?

3) When sports really matters. If you did not root for Iraq, I don't know what to tell you but you might want to check with a cardiologist if you actually have a pulse.

4) Ethan Zuckerman reviewed a must-read book: "Let Their People Come". Direct quote form Ethan:
"The heart of Pritchett’s argument is this: - Rich countries give about $70 billion a year in development assistance to poor countries - If rich countries allowed a 3% expansion in their labor force over a long time period through migration of workers from poorer countries, citizens of those poor countries would yield $300 billion in benefits - Rich countries would benefit from this influx of labor as well, yielding estimated gains of $51 billion - Instead of easing migration restrictions and letting both the rich and poor benefit, rich countries spend $17 billion a year enforcing migration restrictions"

How often do you seem someone of this stature take such a controversial position on immigration ? How more original and creative is this when you compare it to the usual rethoric : " La F... ne peut pas acceuillir toute la misere du monde".
Just a thought, you know.

And if that does not do it for you, a funny Ginga story should :).
I hope all this got your week started with a smile. Until the next work meeting, of course. :)


  1. That picture itself was enough to make me smile on a Monday. Great cause! I'm sure participated Lova... :)


  2. as for the unskilled labor...I was LMAO all day long !!
    don't forget to not underestimate....cheap willing-to-help labor....who know...those bloggers who helped on some fundraising...
    I'm so working tomorrow so I'm leaving your lovely post


  3. Tattum12:56 PM

    Thanks for your post,as Monday is the toughest day...
    Allez, encore qq semaines avant les vacances, travailler lé trop dur!

  4. @amrita,
    yep, I almost stopped after I posted the picture too :).
    whoever snap the photo, please take a bow (so that I can give credits where it's due).
    As for the blog-a-thon, I was involved at 2% at best. Other went 100% and more.
    @Jo, You, Hjk and the Gang = free labor 100% committed :)
    GGIM, W? = Good God It's Monday, WHY? :)

  5. merci pour ce post très motivant :) le sourire est contagieux, ça me fait directement penser a un chapitre du Tipping Point - M.G
    The three rules of epidemics ;)
    a propos de "Let Their People Come" je l'ai developper un peu dans un de mes dernier post ... ça commence vraiment a être ridicule le truc de Sarkozy.

    je commente ici car les commentaires sont fermés chez toi.

  6. @Hjk,
    Fixed :). Thanks for notice though, I am not sure what happended.

  7. pour les liens vers africa beat je dis OUI :) c'est du win win :)

    Left work scandalously and immaturely early toD ..... no regrets.....I brought homewrok...of course....I still have to eat....lol bills need to pe paid....vacations taken (lol thxxx)

    Ok meet U at PPC 4 a chat whenever you want I'm logged in


  9. so I guess the OT of the day could be "Will custom service really believe that I am going to Indiana on vacation ?" :D.
    I will be in NY next week if you have a stop over ;).