The current book on my night stand is the " The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid" (BoP) by C.K. Prahalad.
It's not really breaking news at this point but given what we are trying to achieve, it sure make sense to revisit the theory.
The concept was refined by Hart and it showcases income-poor communities as business partners instead of just consumers or producers. The co-created businesses would then mutually benefit the communities and the companies involved.
The innovative idea was to view communities with low-income as partners in business instead of groups in need of aid ( domestic or foreign).
It would just be a nice theory if it has not been proven successful in many instances ( i.e Yunus and microcredits...etc..)
If one goes into social entrepreneurship and assuming (big assumption) that the project is successful, one would still have to strike the right balance between the social and the profit aspects.
The point I am trying to make is, Foko-madagascar is a non-profit organization but it is not charity. We want all the other partners to profit from our activities, either directly ( local communities ) or indirectly (companies).
I hope that clarifies the question a few of you sent me recently.

Speaking of which, the second edition of Foko Blog Club drew a good crowd and it was good fun to interact with everyone (thank you all much). 8 new blogs have been created since the 1st blog club: dadane, razafy lounge, walmada, pakysse, sasa, blanche, manjamanja, (and I think I am forgetting one).

The second topic of discussion was the proceedings for the Best Of Malagasy BlogS (BOMBS).
We have 15 nominations so far.
All blogs are eligible for nominations, no exceptions ! ( Number of times blog is nominated is important so...) Things will be sorted out after the 1st round ( Dec. 31st and end of the submission period).
Don't be shy to advertise your blog for nominations !!!
FYI, we take bribes, the more, the better. :D

PS: A big hat tip to teknet for allowing the Blog Club to happen at their facility.

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