On Mosilager's birthday (coming soon) : let's all give him a toast.

On the 24th (Thursday), it will be my roommate (and long lost twin's) birthday. Don't tell him I said so but I think the world would be a much more dreadful place to live without him (And my monthly rent would also be much steeper but that has nothing to do with my previous assessment...:) ).
So, to help him kiss his younger days goodbye (cf picture above), I invite you to wish him a happy b'day in the language of your choice.
If he receives wishes in more languages than he officially knows (6), then he gets a bottle of liquor of his own choice on me. :) Prosit !
So if you get 30 sec to spare, drop him a wish before Thursday (GMT -5) on his very first post.
Update: the challenge was met with flying colors ! Plus we now have evidence of Mosilager's as Jules right here.
So here is to you:

PS: a few things about Mosilager:
1) he dressed up as Jules (Samuel L. Jackson) in "Pulp Fiction" on Halloween. In honor of that: a sound bite from "Pulp Fiction": "Gunshot* "Oh I'm sorry, did I break your concentration?"
2) He firmly believes that Zambia will win the World Cup in 2010.
3) He knows exactly what you mean when you say: "this wine possesses a flavor of surprising complexity".
4) He believes that Ginga (his dog) and him were united by higher powers.
PS2: GSL will be graduating on the same day. So Congrats GSL ! music please ......


  1. thanks lova! i do know bad words in about 20 languages... and I also promise to post my halloween / samuel "parseltongue motherfucker, do you speak it?" l. jackson photo on my birthday.

  2. Alrgighty then :), as soon as you get Jules "uploaded", we will flood your post with Samuel L. Jackson quotes !!! All in good spirit, of course (despite the inevitable load of cursing in the quotes :) cf snakes on a plane )

  3. rakotomalala8:07 AM

    Arahaba trry ny Hatsaramanitra!
    ba mamybe Mirou

  4. Woof woof
    Rruff rruff
    yap yap

  5. "Ruff" right back at you ;) or ouaf ouaf in malagasy :)